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Taxi drivers in Washington, D.C. are fed up! After years of unfair regulations and lack of respect, we are fighting back by forming the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association. Our association will be backed by Teamsters Local 922 and the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.


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The taxi cab drivers in Washington, D.C. have formed the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association, associated with Teamsters Local 922. Drivers do not oppose fair regulations, but the recent regulations and the way they are being imposed is not a fair process.

Here are some of the issues facing drivers:

Again, drivers want to be allowed to have more input into these regulations, and they want more time for the regulations to take effect. Drivers also want to be educated better about the regulations.

Leadership Council

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The Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association Leadership Council is now formed. If you have an issue or concern that you want the association to address, contact one of the Leadership Council members.

Eartha Clark
(202) 246-7378


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Driver Stories

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Andre Ruffin

"The regulations and rules get approved without much driver input, but that will change soon now that we have formed our association with the Teamsters."

Nessibu Bezaben

"Many drivers are frustrated with the lack of information and all these new regulations. We are happy to have the backing of the Teamsters Union as we fight for our rights."

Jesse Black

"Many of the drivers are struggling to make ends meet with all these new, costly regulations that have been implemented without drivers being consulted. The Teamsters will help us lobby the city to make sure our voices are heard."


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